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Summertime Hues!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

I'd hoped to get much more artwork done over the summer than I actually did, but life's not always straightforward and the reality is that it's much more important to spend that time with my children as they won't be young for long! So, after the usual fight with myself, I decided to not feel too guilty about my lack of output over the passed couple of months and embraced motherhood instead! That's not to say I did nothing at all, far from it, otherwise I would be climbing walls out of sheer frustration! The summer of 2019 was spent working on 'Amber' the little fawn, tucked away in her den all safe and cosy!

'Amber' was created on Pastelmat paper with the foundation layer in water-soluble pencils and the top layers in coloured pencils. The background was created using a mix of pastels and coloured pencils allowing the strongest colours to pop in the foreground and the muted colours to simply frame the area around her inquisitive sweet face. The blue and white flowers were added at the end to break-up some of the red colours that dominated the main subject...can you spot the four-leaf clover? If so, it's your lucky day! ;)

Also over the summer, I completed a pet portrait of the multi-award winning Brandii, a stunning Cairn Terrier with a wonderful personality, this portrait was 10" x 8" and was created in coloured pencil on Fabriano Artistico cotton paper!

Coloured Pencil on Fabriano Artistico Paper
BRANDII 10" x 8"


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