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My Creative Journey

Here I want to share my creative processes with you so that you can see how each stage of development alters with every new project that I complete. My mind is constantly pushing forwards and the need to propel myself outside of my 'comfort zone' is one of the leading factors of change. Having this mindset is not always easy because it's a constant battle to keep up with these self-driven challenges and with it, comes an inevitably steep learning curve with every new step ventured into the unknown.

The following insights into my sketchbooks are noted in a chronological order and begin with my first sketches that were later transformed into highly-successful greeting cards and prints sold in several retail outlets. A time of great pride and transformation that I will be forever thankful for. These greeting cards can be purchased by following the links.

I feel that it's important to show you how one thing can lead to another in art as it does in any other career, it's a forever moving target and not a stagnant moment in time. My creative path will continue to change as life itself does too and I am so grateful that you are here to share this incredibly journey with me.



Pen & Ink Illustrations, 2010

This is how it all started! Inspired by the beautiful little Magnolia tree in our garden, I took pencil to paper and sketched directly from life before creating it in ink. The full collection of sketches that I produced during this era included many wildlife topics such as fauna, flora and flowers for every month of the year! 


Colours and Compositions, 2015

After working as a Graphic Designer for many years prior to becoming a full-time artist, I was curious to integrate fine art with graphic art and experimented with different compositions and colourways on my computer. This process also enabled me to easily reproduce the designs onto professional prints and greetings cards.

Janine Lees Artist Painting of A Pink Magnolia Branch


Realistic Animal Art, 2015

After working with graphite  pencil and ink, I ventured into the wonderful world of coloured pencils and after many years of trial and error, I now have a studio filled with hundreds of them! Coloured pencils are not the most forgiving of mediums which can be incredibly frustrating to work with, however, the level of control that can be achieved can be a beautiful thing that can reap rewards following perseverance and determination.I loved the sheer challenge of trying to create something that was as close to replicating realism as possible. Here, I competed internationally and was selected for several  prestigious competitions, I also accepted  many pet portrait commissions. The subject has always been animals and birds, whether domestic or wild as I adore the connection that we have with them, especially through the intimately cropped compositions and deep focus on the tiniest details in the eyes. The challenge is to literally bring the subject to life giving the illusion that it could walk or fly right off the canvas and into the room.


Contemporary Art, 2022

My latest venture unfolded after I was commissioned to produce a series of ocean related watercolour artworks for a private villa in Mallorca. Something completely new and challenging for sure as some of these originals were A1 in size which is an especially large area for watercolours and inks due to their watery consistency on paper. Here, all of my senses were awakened to the subject including the smell of the sea, the glistening sunlight over the water and the overall sensation of relaxation and warmth as the sunlight warms the skin. Inspired by these heightened emotions, I added my own spin on the project by including sea salt and gold leaf for a truly magical finish. This project was a great success and it encouraged me to take up painting and learn more about this medium as well as other paints such as acrylic and, more recently, oil paints.

Crab and Lobster Paintings in watercolour paint by Janine Lees
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