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12 Months of Gratitude 2022 - Number 4!


Three Nice Mice: Pikachu (in Tulip); Nibbles (on Daffodil) and Cora (inside Apple)

One of the hardest parts of creating new and exciting artwork is to find the inspiration for your next project, sometimes the ideas flow right out of your head so fast that it's hard to remember them all...and other times, the ideas just aren't there. This well know phenomenon is referred to as 'Writers' Block' for authors, I'm not sure if it has a name dedicated to artists but whatever it is it can be frustrating. The best way around it of course is to just draw, just put something down on paper and the ideas will soon come rushing back to you.

This year, I've done a lot of 'soul searching', I'm a very philosophical person by nature and so I often read self-help books on how to squeeze the best out of life! At the beginning of this year I read a book by world famous author Dr Jo Dispenzer: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself and its changed my perceptions about life completely. What's that got to do with mice I hear you ask? It's got less to do with mice and more to do with the idea that the right things come along at the right time if you allow yourself to 'go with the flow' and trust in the power of the universe around us. I believe that this phenomenon is commonly referred to a 'synchronicity', those moments that you think about in your head so much so that you can virtually see them before they happen...and then guess what...they happen! It's so weird but true. Although I have tried to 'visualise' a large lottery win but that's not quite so forthcoming!

So' I'll get round to the mice story now and I want to share my experience of 'synchronicity' with you. These days I don't often get the chance to go on a night out with my female friends often, we all have busy lives and the thought of wearing high-heels in cold icy weather now fills us with dread! We would all much rather sit in front of a crackling fire watching The Handmaid's Tale with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates nowadays. Anyway, if you're reading this far, well done and thank you. My friends and I went out for a lovely meal in York and one of them mentioned that she is really great friends with a professional wildlife photographer and suggested that we worked together. The next day, I called the photographer, Mike and we spoke for quite some time discussing various ideas for art projects and he gave me access to his beautiful work in exchange for an agreed fee. See, I got there in the end! Just as I had previously visualised these lovely mice pictures, along came Mike with the inspiration and skills and they were just what I was looking for.

So when I look back at 2022, I will always remember it as the year that I created the new 'Three Nice Mice' collection and how popular that they have been with my collectors. Thank you so much to my lovely friend Karen and her amazing photographer friend Mike. xx


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