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Introducing the magnificent Head of Affairs, an original artwork that will leave you in awe. This stunning piece is a hand-drawn portrait of a lioness, showcasing her raw power and beauty. The intricate pencil strokes perfectly capture the texture of her fur, bringing her to life on paper. As the head of her pack, this lioness is a true leader and huntress, fiercely protecting and caring for her young cubs. For art lovers looking for a unique and captivating piece, the Head of Affairs is a must-have.


Head of Affairs  is an exquisite piece of original artwork that boasts intricate details and vibrant colours. Meticulously crafted over 70 hours, this drawing has been created using pure coloured pencils on hundreds of layers. Displayed on thick, sturdy museum quality paper, it showcases the variations in textures and applications that make original pieces so unique and admirable. This stunning artwork is sure to make a statement in any room and is a must-have for art collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Coloured pencil on Italian Cotton Rag Paper: W:295mm x H:385mm

Head of Affairs

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