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Introducing Bramble & Marmalade, the heartwarming original drawing that captures the pure and innocent bond between a beagle puppy and ginger kitten. This stunning portrait showcases every intricate detail, from the velvety texture of Bramble's ears to the fluffiness of Marmalade's fur. You'll feel the warmth of their friendship as they snuggle up together for a cozy nap, with Marmalade using Bramble's ear as his own personal blanket. A perfect addition to any animal lover's collection, Bramble & Marmalade is a timeless tribute to the beauty of companionship.


Professional Coloured Pencils on Fine Italian Museum Quality Cotton Paper, this peice has the added charm of a beautiully embossed marking on the deckled edge of the naturally pressed paper. Fabriano Artistico, Warm White, W:410mm x H: 205mm, 300gsm.


Bramble & Marmalade

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