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Introducing the Regality, an original painting that embodies power and strength. Featuring a dominant lion standing on a rock, overlooking its land, this artwork showcases the majestic beauty of the king of the jungle. The lion's intense gaze portrays a watchful protector, while its calm expression suggests a readiness to spring into action. This painting will make a bold statement in any room, bringing a sense of regalness and admiration to any space.


Regality is an original painting that has been meticulously crafted over 50 hours using a three-stage process. Beginning as a watercolour painting, it was completed using pastel and coloured pencil on a thick, sturdy museum quality paper. The resulting artwork showcases the variations in textures and applications that make original pieces so unique and admirable. With its intricate details and vibrant colours, Regality is sure to be a standout piece in any collection. The variations in texture and application make this original piece truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Own a piece of art that exudes royalty and sophistication with Regality.


Mixed Media on Pastelmat: 30cmx40cm (12" x 15.5") 360gm.


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