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This fine art print captures the magic of a rare sighting of a red squirrel approaching a juicy Red Delicious apple. The squirrel's cautious yet anticipatory demeanor is portrayed with exquisite detail, down to its tiny, human-like claws clasped together. The artwork is set against a backdrop of lush green mosses and stones, adding depth and dimension to this stunning piece. Perfect for any nature or animal lover, this Red Delicious print is a beautiful addition to any space.


The original drawing was hand-selected to exhibit at the prestigious National Pencil Museum by the UK's Coloured Pencil Society, where it attracted admirers from around the world. After its exhibition, this beautiful artwork was sold, now you too can own a piece of this artistic legacy with this exquisite fine art print. 


Highly detailed fine art print of an original hand-drawn portrait using the finest grade coloured pencils. Professionally printed on smooth rag paper with archival inks to reflect the finest details and colour intensity as seen in the original artwork.


Red Delicious

PriceFrom £30.00
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